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7 Keys to Inbound Marketing for Auto Repair Shops

Traditionally marketing has been based on distributing advertisements focused on encouraging people to purchase goods and services. Products, price, quality and delivery are the primary focus of traditional marketing. The advent of marketing philosophies with different purposes has resulted in the traditional marketing techniques to be labeled ‘Outbound Marketing’. This is because information is pushed outward with the objective of catching people’s attention and encouraging them to make a purchase. On the other hand inbound marketing focuses on building relationships over time by providing value and establishing trust. In the auto repair business trust is an extremely important factor for more reasons than one. There are many benefits to inbound marketing and if conscientiously employed business growth and long term success will be realized. Following are 7 keys to inbound marketing for auto repair shops:

  1. Employ Effective Information Sharing Channels – For inbound marketing efforts to be effective messages must be delivered on topics to which the target audience directs their attention. This can vary based on the target market … Read More >>
  2. Attract Favorable Inbound Traffic – When employing inbound marketing techniques the objective of posting information through a given channel is to attract people that will have an interest in products and services offered … Read More >>
  3. Convert Visitors to Leads – Inbound marketing focuses on establishing and building relationships by providing value and developing trust. Visitors are attracted to venues such as websites and social media through marketing efforts for the purpose of creating opportunities … Read More >>
  4. Turn Leads into Customers – The objective of attracting the right people to the desired venues then establishing relationships and building them is evolution of the association to one of customer and service provider. Inbound marketing focuses on accomplishing this over time through nurturing and growing the relationship and building trust … Read More >>
  5. Turn New Customers Into Repeat Customers – The perspective of the customer is at the heart of earning repeat business. Expectations are formed by the customer based on experiences in the relationship leading up to the purchase decision … Read More >>
  6. Develop A Sound Inbound Marketing Strategy – Strategies for inbound marketing are similar to any other marketing campaign. The primary difference is in the marketing message and its means of delivery … Read More >>
  7. Create Effective Inbound Marketing Messages – Inbound marketing is about building relationships over time by establishing trust and providing value. Content will be more effective if some simple guidelines are followed … Read More >>

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