The Impact of Economic Circumstances on the Automotive Repair Business

At any given point in time economic circumstances will impact business profitability. At the time there are several significant factors that present challenges to the automotive repair industry. Government policy, inflationary pressures and the United Auto Workers Union Strike together create a difficult environment for auto repair shops:

Automotive Repair Shop Accounting

A well configured accounting system is essential to success in any business and automotive repair is no exception. A business owner doesn’t need to understand the details and nuances of accounting but a basic understanding can help to understand how to take advantage of what an accounting system can provide. The double entry system, balance …

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Controls In Automotive Repair Shops

Establishing controls in automotive repair shop processes can be a significant factor in business success. Any business has the potential for losses to be incurred where there are openings in established practices. Making controls an integral part of business process design will have a significant impact on avoiding this kind of problem. Following are areas …

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Utilizing Incentives and Consequences in Automotive Repair

People respond to incentives and avoid consequences. In the automotive repair business these two concepts can be employed effectively in dealings with customers as well as personnel. Important factors driving customers when it comes to vehicle ownership are safety and cost of ownership. When marketing and sales efforts incorporate incentives and consequences positive results can …

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