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The FastTrak Auto Repair Shop active work order list allows a parts manager to easily identify what orders need actions to be taken. Whether parts need to be sourced, ordered or issued is readily apparent through the color-coded repair order and parts status columns.

Whenever a transaction occurs that affects inventory a transaction record is written to a viewable window making it easy to understand what happened with parts. FastTrak includes a part return feature to ensure that proper credit is received from suppliers when parts are returned and a comprehensive inventory count system including barcoding and the ability to count parts on a mobile device (tablet or phone).

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Parts Ordering for Appointments

FastTrak Auto Repair Shop and Parts Software allows parts to be ordered for appointments. If a customer is reliable and likely to approve the repairs required for their vehicle the shop can get a head start by ordering the parts in advance.

When the parts are ordered then received they’re linked to the appointment but when the appointment is converted to a repair order after the vehicle arrives the part links are transferred to the repair order.

Real Time Visibility of Part Requirements

FastTrak Auto Repair Shop and Parts Software provides visibility of parts requirements as they occur. This facilitates timely sourcing and ordering of parts.

Visibility of Parts Order Needed

FastTrak Auto Repair Shop and Parts Software can include an order status on the active work order grid of Parts Order Needed. This indicates that parts have been added to the order that aren’t in stock and need to be ordered. The statuses are color coded.

Parts Issue from Stock

FastTrak Auto Repair Shop and Parts Software allows for issuing parts from stock automatically or when an issue transaction is performed. This provides the flexibility to control inventory as needed.

Integrated Parts Ordering

FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Inventory Software allows for parts to be ordered electronically. When the parts are ordered a purchase order is created. When the parts are received the vendor invoice can easily be generated from the purchase order using the Make Vendor Invoice button.

Accurate Inventory Control

FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Inventory Software allows parts to be purchased as needed or for stocking purposes. Parts can be issued to customer orders automatically or on a controlled basis. Barcode labels for parts and locations can be printed and scanned for easy and accurate counting.

Purchase orders are automatically created when parts are ordered from integrated suppliers and vendor invoices can be created from the purchase order providing a link to the original invoice for parts. Vendor returns use the linkage to return the part to the correct vendor. It also can be tracked through the return process ensuring proper credit from suppliers.

Inventory Transactions

Each time an action is performed that affects a stocking part FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Inventory Software records a transaction. This allows the history to be analyzed when necessary.

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