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The Impact of Economic Circumstances on the Automotive Repair Business

At any given point in time economic circumstances will impact business profitability. At the time there are several significant factors that present challenges to the automotive repair industry. Government policy, inflationary pressures and the United Auto Workers Union Strike together create a difficult environment for auto repair shops:

  1. Government Policy – This writing is not intended to be political. It’s meant to be a recognition of the cause-and-effect relationship between government policy and the environment we live in … Read More >>
  2. Inflation– The impact of inflation on our lives at this time is readily apparent. Any time we fill our cars up with gas or go to the grocery store we directly feel the effects … Read More >>
  3. The UAW Strike – At the time of this writing the United Auto Workers Union is on strike. The strike has entered its second week and has expanded from three locations affecting about 13,000 employees to 38 locations affecting an estimated 18,000 workers  … Read More >>

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