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System Security and Authorization

FastTrak Repair Shop Software provides comprehensive system security and feature authorization controls. System access to certain features can be limited by the type of user specified (for example technician vs. service advisor) and also controlled at the detail level to restrict system usage to specific functions.

Controls and Checks

 FastTrak Car Repair Shop Software has built in controls to ensure accuracy in transaction processing. Issuing of inventory to repair orders can be required to ensure that either stock or purchased parts are applied before the order can be closed out.

Also, if the customer is to be given a certificate FastTrak will prompt the user at vehicle delivery to remind them. FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Inventory Software includes a part return management feature to ensure that suppliers issue credits for all returned parts. FastTrak reporting for technicians paid by flag hour ensures that all repairs are on the repair order.

Target Profit Margins

Our Car Repair Shop Software allows for target profit margins for labor, parts, tires and total repair order. Profit and Margin values are color coded when displayed making it easy to identify when the target is being met – Green if target met – Yellow if profit made but target not reached – and Red if loss incurred.

Target Capacities

FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Scheduling Software provides for target capacities by car count and labor hours. As vehicles are scheduled for repair a warning will be displayed if a target is exceeded. Also, the target capacity status can be viewed in real time.

Key Performance Indicator Reporting

FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Management Software tracks a number of ‘key performance indicators’ (KPI) to assist in gauging performance levels. Indicators such as customer acquisition and retention rate, quote capture rate for repeat and new business and recommendation capture rate are tracked and compared to averages of similar shops.

Employee Performance Reporting

FastTrak Car Repair Shop Software provides ‘key performance indicators’ (KPI) reporting for service advisors and technicians. Ratings on profit margins and recommendation capture rate are reported for service advisors and efficiency for technicians are reported.

Shop Performance Reporting

FastTrak Car Repair Shop Software provides ‘key performance indicators’ (KPI) reporting for the entire shop such as customer acquisition/retention rates, orders from appointments and preventive maintenance vs. repair work.

Why Customers Choose Us

Our Car Repair Shop Software allows the capture of the reason new customers chose you over the competition. This will assist in identifying your business strengths allowing them to be marketed.

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