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European Specialty Auto Repair Shop Software

European Specialty Auto Repair Shop
Cloud-Based Software Solution

FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software includes functions tailored for European specialty shops including automated part number formatting which allows part numbers to be formatted as they’re entered for Mercedes, VW Audi and BMW parts, technician vehicle ‘make’ specification which allows vehicle ‘makes’ to be specified for technicians so that they will be automatically assigned to repair orders as they are entered, parts distributor interfaces including World Pac and SSF Auto Parts which support sourcing and ordering of parts using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part numbers and more.


Automated Part Numbering Formatting

FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software will allow part numbers to be formatted as they’re entered for Mercedes, VW Audi and BMW parts. This eliminates the need to enter spaces as the software does it for you. The system allows you to specify a default part number format so the system will set the format to the make you use most often.

Technician Vehicle Make Specifications

FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software allows you to specify the vehicle make(s) that a technician specializes in so the system will automatically assign that technician to tasks when repair orders or quotes are entered.

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Diagnosis and Findings

FastTrak Web Based Auto Repair Shop Software provides full support for the diagnosis process to address customer concerns including visibility of status as the process is performed. The technician can specify diagnosis and findings as well as specifying recommendations, the service advisor can add tasks and parts as required and when complete the results can be presented to the customer in a comprehensive fashion to obtain approval.

Accurate Inventory Control

FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Inventory Software allows parts to be purchased as needed or for stocking purposes. Parts can be issued to customer orders automatically or on a controlled basis. Barcode labels for parts and locations can be printed and scanned for easy and accurate counting. Purchase orders are automatically created when parts are ordered using our integrated suppliers’ process and vendor invoices can be created from the purchase order providing a link to the original parts invoice. Vendor returns can be tracked through the return process ensuring proper credit from suppliers.

Parts Distributor Interfaces

FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software Improves efficiency and reduces costs as the need for manually keying information is eliminated. Also, vendor invoices can be created automatically saving more time. FastTrak interfaces with WorldPac and SSF streamlining processes and using OEM part numbers allowing all parts to be numbered consistently.

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