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5 Keys to Inbound Marketing Strategies for Auto Repair Shops

Strategies for inbound marketing are similar to any other marketing campaign. The primary difference is in the marketing message and its means of delivery. The crux of inbound marketing is content sharing. The channel through which this takes place is quite often different than traditional outbound marketing. So strategy formulation must be based on these primary factors. A very specific definition of the target audience and their areas of interest are the foundation of a successful strategy. And choosing the best possible channel for communication is essential. Finally clear objectives and evaluation of the strategy will determine its viability. Following are keys to effective inbound marketing strategies:

  1. Define Your Marketing Focus – In any marketing effort it’s essential to identify the target audience. Inbound marketing is based on relationship building through information sharing making this aspect of strategy even more important. So a clear definition of the target market profile or buyer persona is critical to a successful strategy. This means stating the type of vehicle owner marketing efforts will be geared toward.
  2. Specify the Attraction Points – Information distributed through inbound marketing venues must be of interest to the target audience. Topics of interest to the specified vehicle owner should be useful and applicable.
  3. Identify Effective Communication Venues – There are different alternatives for content sharing and choosing the right ones will have a huge impact on success. For example consumers tend to spend more time on social media whereas businesses are more active in associations they’re involved in. It’s important to employ the most effect outlets.
  4. State your Objectives – In order to evaluate the potential results of any marketing effort the anticipated results must be established. Inbound marketing focuses on building relationships that will result in business opportunities. A longer sales cycle should be expected but nonetheless projections must be established.
  5. Perform a Cost Benefit Analysis – Inbound marketing has a cost associated with it. The impact is measured as the increase in the volume of traffic before and after implementation of marketing programs. It’s important to evaluate the potential benefits versus the anticipated costs before undertaking inbound marketing endeavors.


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