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6 Effective Channels for Information Sharing in Auto Repair

For inbound marketing efforts to be effective messages must be delivered on topics to which the target audience directs their attention. This can vary based on the target market. The objective is to identify commonality in the interests of existing and prospective customers and offer value through useful information. Blog postings, newsletters, webinars, videos, social media and articles are all effective methods for information sharing. Following are venues for content sharing.

  1. Website Blog Postings – A website without a blog can be effective but a website with a blog to which entries are posted frequently will be exponentially more impactful. Well-constructed blog entries will be recognized by Internet search engines thus boosting search engine rankings and provide useful information for readers.
  2. Email Newsletters – Newsletters with useful information provide value to existing and prospective customers thus building and/or enforcing positive relationships. Frequency should be enough to be beneficial but not intrusive.
  3. Webinars – Periodic webinars on topics of interest will provide value in an easy to absorb format. The length of time devoted to a webinar is greater than a written topic and flexibility in participation is somewhat limited. But the presentation can be interactive in nature increasing the engagement of the audience.
  4. Videos – Businesses can set up their own You Tube accounts or post videos to their website blogs. Videos that are of minimal duration with compelling content provide value to viewers.
  5. Social Media – Posts to social media sites such as Facebook are effective mediums for sharing useful content. The automatic notification function alerts participants to new postings increasing interaction.
  6. Articles and eBooks – Articles and eBooks are effective avenues for information sharing. It’s important that they’re available and able to be found by people interested in the topics.

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