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6 Keys to Attracting Favorable Inbound Traffic for Auto Repair Shops

When employing inbound marketing techniques the objective of posting information through a given channel is to attract people that will have an interest in products and services offered. This starts with identifying the persona or profile of the target market, their common interests or concerns then defining what will spark their interest. With this knowledge content of value can be provided thus drawing in the desired audience. Following are keys to attracting favorable inbound traffic for auto repair businesses:

  1. Define Your Ideal Buyer Persona(s) – Attracting the right people requires knowing the interests of the people you want to attract. The first step is to assign a name to the profile such as ‘soccer mom’, ‘business commuter’ or ‘racing enthusiast’.
  2. Identify Common Interests of the Buyer Persona – Providing content of value in areas of interest will elicit the attention of the target market. Identifying topics of importance will facilitate attraction. This can be accomplished by questioning people that fit the defined persona. Communicating with people that are customers will bring results but those who aren’t already customers will be more effective.
  3. Define What Gets Their Attention – It’s important to understand what elicits a response in the members of the target market. What are their goals? What are their challenges and concerns? What is it that influences them for or against the product or service you offer?
  4. Provide Valuable Content – Providing information that’s useful to those of the defined buyer persona will attract the right inbound traffic. The messages must be brief, easy to understand and focus on areas of interest. They must provide value in order that people will be willing to invest their time in absorbing them.
  5. Create a Trail to the Content – People tend to look for things on the Internet. But knowing what they’re interested in and providing valuable content will have no effect if the existence of the information is not communicated. Search engines on the Internet base their results on key phrases and other factors. In addition to using tags, it’s advantageous to use key terms in the actual content. For example phrases like ‘vehicle safety’ or ‘vehicle reliability’ included in content will attract people who are interested in those topics.
  6. Post Content Frequently – Search engines determine rankings based on changes. So posting entries more often will result in higher positioning in search results

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