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Cloud-Based Software Solution

FastTrak Auto Shop Management Systems deliver a complete software solution for all auto repair shops by supporting the full vehicle repair cycle, visual color coding for ease of recognition, customizable user screen views, flexible user security, multi-pay warranty customer invoicing and more.

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Cross Platform Compatible

Our Auto Repair Shop Software runs on Windows computers, Android tablet or phone, and IOS tablet or iPhone.

Full Vehicle Repair Cycle Support

Starting with the quote and/or the appointment, vehicle check in, inspection, diagnosis, task building, customer approval, parts ordering, repair, vehicle delivery and payment including customer communication and notification FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software provides integrated support for the complete process.

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Color Coding

Starting with the quote and/or the appointment, vehicle check in, inspection, diagnosis, task building, customer approval, parts ordering, repair, vehicle delivery and payment including customer communication and notification FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software provides integrated support for the complete process.

Tailored Configuration

Our modular design means you can tailor our FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software to the unique needs of your business. There is no one-size-fits-all approach with FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software. We even allow you to customize your default fields, to streamline system use, reducing entry time, increase efficiency and improve profitability.

Easy to Use

Our console and page design gives you at-a-glance, easy recognition of activities and tasks.

Customizable User Views

Our Repair Shop Software Custom view features allow individual users to select the screen views most important to them. Grid columns can be selected and ordered for each user, screen sections and menu options can be included/excluded and reordered so that the features the shop uses most often can be positioned for convenience in a user friendly way.


Set user authority levels to control individual’s access to FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software features. You’re in complete control of what users see and what they can do.

Customized Documents

Add your shop logo for personalization of customer quotes, estimate and invoices.

Quick Task Entry

Set up repair order templates and quick task lists to increase entry accuracy and reduce order entry time.


FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software offers four recommendation options for repair orders, including text only recommendations, text with pricing recommendations, system generated recommendations and previously declined recommendations.

Deferred Tasks

FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software allows easy identification of any work order or parts recommendations the customer has previously declined. FastTrak easily and automatically notifies your service advisors of needed services and previously recommended services that were previously declined.

Group Tasks

Build task groups for preventive maintenance schedules or related jobs. The preventive maintenance schedule job groups can be assigned to vehicles to define the frequency of service intervals. The schedule continues to roll forward as services are performed. Related jobs can be accessed when building quotes, appointments or repair orders.

Task Benefits

With FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software service benefits can be stored and recalled when interacting with the customer. This can help with sales and explaining why recommended services should be performed.

Diagnosis and Findings

FastTrak Web Based Auto Repair Shop Software provides full support for the diagnosis process to address customer concerns including visibility of status as the process is performed. The technician can specify diagnosis and findings as well as specifying recommendations, the service advisor can add tasks and parts as required and when complete the results can be presented to the customer in a comprehensive fashion to obtain approval.

Inspections are Automated and Streamlined

With our Web Based Auto Repair Shop Software you can specify inspection items and add notes, add pictures and email or text details to customers.

Labor Guide Interfaces

Import accurate labor times for required services saving time and reducing costs as need to look up labor times then enter them into system is eliminated.

Accurate Inventory Control

FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Inventory Software allows parts to be purchased as needed or for stocking purposes. Parts can be issued to customer orders automatically or on a controlled basis. Barcode labels for parts and locations can be printed and scanned for easy and accurate counting. Purchase orders are automatically created when parts are ordered using our integrated suppliers’ process and vendor invoices can be created from the purchase order providing a link to the original parts invoice. Vendor returns can be tracked through the return process ensuring proper credit from suppliers.

Parts Distributor Interfaces

FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software Parts Distributor Interfaces improve efficiency and reduces costs as the need for manually keying information is eliminated. Also, vendor invoices can be created automatically saving more time.

Vehicle History

Get complete histories by vehicle, by part or by services performed. Import tasks and parts to repair orders from history as needed.

Real Time Labor Reporting

Eliminate waste and duplication with real-time labor and job status tracking. Things happen as they occur and can be easily accessed by any authorized FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software user.

Menu Based Selling

This Automotive Repair Shop Software feature supports presentation of repair costs to the customer in a simplified fashion by categorizing jobs into defined categories in a good-better-best format allowing the customer to easily make a decision and authorize repair work resulting in increased upsell success.

Profits and Job Costing

Get instant recognition of job cost overruns and profit margins. Our instant color recognition tells you your profit information quickly and effectively.

Event Notification

This is a great feature of the FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software System. Parts deliveries, vehicle completion dates, customer appointments. You can even set reminders for any type event you define! This really improves efficiencies and customer service.

Loaner Management

Do you offer loaner vehicles to your customers? Use this FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Scheduling Software Feature to track all issues relating to loaner vehicle assignment, tracking and management.

Multi-Payer Processing

This FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software Feature allows multiple customers and multiple billings/invoices per repair order. It supports billing part of the repair order to a warranty company and the remainder to the customer. As many payers as necessary can be specified.

Email/ Texting Communications

Use this FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software feature to email or text quotes, estimates and invoices to your customers as well as appointment confirmations, requests for approval and vehicle ready notifications.

Customer Contact Log

FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software keeps records of phone, text and email communications with customers. Communications related to appointments, quotes, approvals, vehicle pickup and other activities can be recorded and recalled as needed.

Fleet Management

This Fleet Repair Shop Software feature allows customer fleets to be defined along with preventive maintenance schedules for each vehicle. Maintenance requirements can be identified within a time frame for the entire fleet and communicated to the customer in order to facilitate the scheduling process.

European Specialty Shops

FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software includes functions geared toward supporting European specialty shops including automated part number formatting which allows part numbers to be formatted as they’re entered for Mercedes, VW Audi and BMW parts, technician vehicle make specification which allows vehicle makes to be specified for technicians so that they’ll be assigned to repair orders as they’re entered, parts distributor interfaces including World Pac and SSF Auto Parts which support sourcing and ordering of parts using OEM part numbers and more.

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