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Customer Service Differentiation in Auto Repair

In automotive repair customer service is all encompassing. Every aspect of the business affects customer relations. Of course points of customer interaction are the most recognizable areas of impact but the effect of vehicle service quality is an equally important factor in the customers mind. Differentiation in customer service can be accomplished a number of different ways but the key is to provide benefits that the customer considers valuable.

Simplifying the vehicle exchange process for the customer is an area in which progressive shops today are differentiating their service offerings. Pickup and delivery service make vehicle exchange much easier and less time consuming for the customer. Some shops offer valet service. They deliver a loaner vehicle to the customer and bring their car to the shop to be serviced. When service is done they return the vehicle and bring the loaner back to the shop. Service offerings like this can really improve the customer experience and make a shop stand out in the marketplace. One of the biggest problems vehicle owners face in today’s fast paced world is the time spent dropping off and picking their vehicle up when service is needed.

There are numerous differentiation opportunities in the area of automotive repair customer service. If a shop is the only one in the area offering a certain benefit customer retention will be much higher.

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