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3 Automotive Repair Customer Follow Up Options

In the sales process the follow up is always stressed as being extremely important. In this context follow up refers to confirming that the customer is happy with the service they received. When viewed in terms of the purchasing decision cycle this is the time the customer often experiences a feeling of cognitive dissonance. This means that after a purchase is made people have a tendency to question whether or not they made the right choice. Following up can help to keep the relationship on a positive footing:

  1. Thank You Mailer – Sending a thank you by email or traditional mail lets the customer know that their business is appreciated. It’s also an opportunity to invite them back.
  2. Survey or Questionnaire – Sending the customer a survey or questionnaire asking them to evaluate the service provided not only helps with relationship building but can provide valuable feedback. The survey should be simple and short. If there are too many questions or the questions are not easy to understand the customer will be apt to not respond.
  3. Phone Follow Up – A follow up by phone call can be a powerful relationship builder. Contacting a customer by phone to confirm that they’re happy with the service they received and that they want to return can positively impact customer retention. Employing this for newly acquired customers can be a good practice whereas a long term customer may find it to be a nuisance. So this should be done with discretion.

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