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Engineering the Automotive Repair Sales Process

The sales process is a step by step definition of the phases involved in earning business. The process is intended to define the approach to acquiring new customers but many of the phases are applicable for repeat business as well. From prospecting through preparation for initial contact to needs assessment to presentation, completing the sale and follow up – outlining the sales process and identifying the tactical methods to be employed engineering the sales process provides significant benefit to any business. Going through each phase of the process and identifying how it will be implemented will ensure that every possible advantage is realized at each stage:

  1. Prospecting for Consumer Business – Attracting business in today’s marketplace is quite different than it was 10 or even 5 years ago. The Internet is the shopping venue of choice for consumers and social media is now deeply ingrained in our culture … Read More >>
  2. Prospecting for Business Customers – Prospecting for business customers is different than attracting consumers. Once contact has been made the process is very similar but reaching the audience and stimulating interest is quite different … Read More >>
  3. Preparation – In sales it’s often said that preparation is at least half the battle. The people that interact with customers in automotive repair are very skilled at establishing and building relationships … Read More >>
  4. Needs Assessment – In the automotive repair business – determining what a prospective new customer’s needs are is a critical part of the sales process. The focus of needs assessment is different when dealing with a consumer as compared to a business but the overall objective is the same … Read More >>
  5. Presentation – In the context of the Sales Process presentation is focused on prospective new customers. However auto repair requirements presentation can be very similar for both new and existing customers … Read More >>
  6. Completing the Sale – After presenting recommended automotive repairs and pricing to the customer the completion of the sale can be just as important as earning the sale. Once the repairs to be performed are agreed upon – the steps involving confirmation and authorization offer great value to the shop … Read More >>
  7. Follow Up – In the sales process the follow up is always stressed as being extremely important. In this context follow up refers to confirming that the customer is happy with the service they received … Read More >>

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