Why Use ®?

We build repair software and customer relationship management software with the same care as you give to your customers. The result: affordable software you can trust.

  • More features for less money – Get more for less with FastTrak® Auto Shop Management Systems. Our plan gives you the software you need at a price you can afford. See our features list.
  • More flexible – FastTrak is scalable from one to hundreds of users, single to multiple locations, and is modular. You only pay for what you need. We’re also one of the few in the industry with a wireless handheld device that allows you to take orders from the car and update your FastTrak database in real time.
  • On-going information – You can trust FastTrak to keep you current with technology and efficiency advances. In addition, our blog is packed with best practices to help you increase your profits.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – No long-term contracts, cancel at any time with 30 days notice. We want you fully satisfied with your Auto Repair Shop and Tire Shop Management Software at all times.
  • Outstanding support – FastTrak customers know us to be a trusted partner for Auto Repair Shop and Tire Shop Management Software. Our small business friendly support team ensures you receive full value from your FastTrak software.
  • Small business friendly – Our team of Auto Repair Shop and Tire Shop Management Software experts are tuned to the needs of your business. We’re easy to use, accessible, service-oriented and fairly priced. We treat you with the same quality care that you bring to your customers. Learn more about us.
FastTrak Tire Shop Manager has raised the level of Professionalism at our shop. We are able to quote a set of tires in seconds and offer alternatives at the same time.
Paul Dickerson
RAD Tires, Inc
Fountain Valley, CA