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Improving Automotive Repair Operations by Using Key Performance Indicators

Automotive repair operations can be evaluated using a number of key performance indicators. In this area the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes can be measured and improved if necessary. As in any area key performance indicators should be compared to benchmarks such as industry averages or same period previous year. Excellence in automotive repair […]

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Removing Unnecessary Steps in Auto Repair Processes

Achieving maximum efficiency in automotive repair operations involves identifying and eliminating unnecessary and wasteful steps in business processes. This type of analysis requires looking at and identifying unnecessary activities and process flow disconnects. Anytime efficiencies can be improved the cost of operations will be reduced and profit margins will increase. Following are points to consider

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The Transformational Leadership Style

Transformational leadership refers to a style by which an intellectually stimulating environment is created in the workplace through effective communication. This leadership style profoundly influences others and raises the performance level of the other members of the organization. Following are things that transformational leaders do: Inspire – Transformational leaders challenge the status quo and encourage

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Auto Repair Shop Organization

One of the primary responsibilities of management in automotive repair is organization of the work environment. A well-organized environment not only has a positive impact on productivity and thus profitability it also affects customer relations as people will be more apt to do business with a well-run organization.  The major components of auto repair shop

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Managing Process Flow in Automotive Repair

Organizing the processes within an automotive repair operation is one of the principle responsibilities of management. Well organized, clearly defined processes will have a huge impact on business success. There are numerous processes within an auto repair shop with the vehicle repair process being primary. Following are points on organizing three significant processes within and

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