FastTrak System Features

Feature rich, scalable and affordable. A software management system for auto repair shops, tire dealers and fleet management.

Learn about the features that are important to you:

General System Features

  • Easy to use – Our console and page design gives you at-a-glance, easy recognition of activities and tasks.
  • Tailored configuration – Our modular design means we can tailor our repair shop management software to the unique needs of your business. There is no one-size-fits-all approach with FastTrak. We even allow you to customize your default fields, making system use easier and more profitable for you.
  • Tabbed design – The tabbed design means you don’t have to open multiple screens to enter or retrieve information from a repair order.
  • Color coding – We color code each stage of the repair process, making it easy for you to visually track the progress of an order at-a-glance. We color code part status, so you know if it is awaiting pricing, delivery, etc. Get easy recognition with our life cycle, color coding process.
  • Profits and job costing – Get instant recognition of job cost overruns and profit margins. Our instant color recognition tells you your profit information quickly and effectively.
  • Customized documents – Add your shop logo for personalization of all customer and internal reports.
  • Email marketing – Email estimates, invoices and bulk emails to your customer base for more sales and customer retention.
  • Security – Set user authority levels to control individual’s access to FastTrak features and services. You’re in complete control of what users see and what they can do.

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Service Advisor Console

  • Quick task entry – Set up repair order templates and quick task lists to increase entry accuracy and reduce order entry time.
  • Recommendations – We offer four recommendation options for repair orders, including text only recommendations, text with cost recommendations, system generated recommendations and previously deferred recommendations.
  • Vehicle history – Get complete histories by vehicle, by part categories or by services performed.
  • Deferred Tasks – Easily identify any work order or parts recommendations the customer has previously declined. FastTrak easily and automatically notifies your service advisors of needed services and previously recommended services that were previously declined.
  • Group Tasks – Build task groups for preventive maintenance schedules or related jobs. The preventive maintenance schedule job groups can be assigned to vehicles through the fleet services module. Related jobs can be accessed when building quotes, appointments or repair orders.
  • Customer Contact Log – Keeps records of phone, text and email communications with customers. Communications related to appointments, quotes, approvals, vehicle pickup and other activities can be recorded and recalled as needed.
  • Task Benefits – Service benefits can be stored and recalled when interacting with the customer. This can help with sales and explaining why recommended services should be performed.

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Master File Console

  • Accurate inventory control – Parts master information is maintained within this central console and populates other related fields within the system automatically. Print barcode labels for parts and locations.
  • Tailored configuration – Our modular design means we can tailor our repair shop management software to the unique needs of your business. There is no one-size-fits-all approach with FastTrak. We even allow you to customize your default fields, making system use easier and more profitable for you.

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Marketing Administrator Console

  • Reminder mailers – Send service reminder emails to your customers via direct postal mail or email.
  • Loyalty program tracking – Our powerful yet easy-to-use features allow you to offer and track discounts by customer or type...your customers can even earn credits and loyalty discount incentives.
  • Marketing segmentation – Organize your customer base and marketing functions by region, demographics, services performed, services needed, vehicle type…just about any segmentation you can think of FastTrak can do for you.

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Parts Management Console

  • At-a-glance parts status updates – Color coded repair order status and color coded parts status makes life easier for your parts manager.
  • One screen management – Almost every function can be performed from a single screen: source parts, control inventory, interact with vendors, price and mark up…all from a single screen. Your parts manager will love this feature.

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Technician Console

  • Save time – Technicians can view work orders, vehicle history and other information from a single screen. No paper, no time wasted and technicians can directly enter work order history into the FastTrak system right from the vehicle!
  • View assignments – Our color coding process helps technicians with work orders and work flow. Automatic parts updates notify technicians automatically when parts are available to continue work.
  • Diagnosis and findings – The customer’s issues and technicians recommendations are all on one screen, including parts, labor and pricing , if the FastTrak system is configured in that fashion. Status updates depending upon actions taken occur in the system automatically. You get complete visibility to all functions and status quickly, at-a-glance.
  • Real time labor reporting – Eliminate waste and duplication with real-time labor and job status tracking. Things happen as they occur and can be easily accessed by any authorized FastTrak user.

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FastTrak Mobile Shop Manager

  • Access it anywhere –FastTrak can be accessed from anywhere using Internet or locally using Wifi.
  • Automated paperless vehicle check in – Scan VIN numbers to process existing or add new vehicles, create orders and add tasks, and enter information with speech recognition.
  • Inspections are automated and streamlined – Specify inspection items and add notes with speech recognition, add pictures and email details to customers, and much more.
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Tire Shop Management

  • Accurate quoting – Our tire shop software allows you to produce accurate quotes within a few seconds. This allows you to spend more time helping the customer with their tire maintenance issues.
  • Supplier management – Our supplier program management feature allows you to take advantage of your tire distributor’s inventory. There are no delays or problems when searching your distributor’s inventory.
  • Automated reporting – Provide DOT reporting automatically. Minimize your costs of NHTSA compliance and eliminate all the costs associated with manual reporting for each tire or inspection service sold.
  • Tire Shop Management – Tire SKU management, Tire Catalog, Tires and Specs

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Other Common Features

  • Customizable user views – Custom view features allow individual users to select the screen views most important to them.
  • Customizable tool bars – Individual users can select their own toolbar options, keeping what’s important to them at their fingertips.
  • Maps and directions – FastTrak interfaces with Google Maps for your convenience.
  • Customer status updates – If a customer update notice is required for any reason, your service advisor will be automatically notified.
  • Event Notification – This is a great feature of the FastTrak system. Parts deliveries, vehicle completion dates, customer appointments. You can even set reminders for any type event you define! This really improves efficiencies and customer service.
  • Loaner management – Do you offer loaner vehicles to your customers? Use this feature to track all issues relating to loaner vehicle assignment, tracking and management.
  • Part and Tire Distributor interfaces – Improves efficiency and reduces costs as the need for manually keying information is eliminated. Also vendor invoices can be created automatically saving more time.
  • Tire Distributor interfaces – Saves time and improves sales as visibility of distributor info is immediately available. Reduces costs as lower on hand inventory balances can be sustained. Improves efficiency as distributor info is integrated saving time in sourcing and ordering tires.
  • Labor Guide Interfaces –Saves time and reduces costs as need to look up labor times and parts then enter them into system is eliminated.
  • Customer Follow Up Processing –Provides follow up capability with customers, records communications and reasons for business loss contributing to improved customer retention.
  • Lube sticker processing - Displays reminder of service due and shop information in clear view for the customer.
  • Menu based selling - This feature supports presentation of repair costs to the customer in a simplified fashion by categorizing jobs into defined categories allowing the customer to easily make a decision and authorize repair work resulting in increased upsell success.
  • Progress/partial billings - This feature allows multiple billings per repair order. It supports billing part of the repair to a warranty company and the remainder to the customer. It also support billing for long running jobs as work is completed.
  • Report data extract tool - Allows data reporting to be configured so information from FastTrak and QuickBooks can be extracted for reporting purposes. This function is beneficial for companies that are members of twenty groups or are involved in a business re-engineering program. Several hours per month can be saved as once the configuration is complete the data needed for reporting can be generated in minutes.
  • FastTrak Performance Metrics Reporting - calculates the ratios and values of key performance indicators for the shop and presents them in comparison to industry averages. This allows management to focus on the areas that will have the most impact. Because the shop data and averages are updated on an ongoing basis the measurements are based on current information.
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing - includes full credit and debit card processing as well as signature capture. Duplication of effort is eliminated as transactions are processed once as opposed to processing them on a separate credit card machine.
  • Registration Scan - States, including PA and NJ that have a 2D barcode on the vehicle registration, can scan the registration barcode and retrieve customer name and address, vehicle VIN, year, make and model.
  • Work Scheduling - Allows repair orders to be assigned and prioritized using a simple drag and drop interface.
  • Cell Phone Carrier Lookup - Allows creation of an email address for the customer’s cell phone and messages can be sent to the customer’s phone through the FastTrak email function. Text messaging can be used for general communication, appointment confirmation, approval requests, service due reminders and more.

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FastTrak Tire Shop Manager has raised the level of Professionalism at our shop. We are able to quote a set of tires in seconds and offer alternatives at the same time.
Paul Dickerson
RAD Tires, Inc
Fountain Valley, CA