Will I be able to bring the data from my current shop management system into FastTrak?

Yes, We can convert most shop management databases.

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Can I buy the FastTrak system outright?

FastTrak has a monthly fee and a one time Startup/Installation fee.

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What are the hardware requirements?

We Recomend:

Client Computer –  2.8 GHz Pentium Processor, 4 GB of Memory, 120 GB  Hard Drive, DVD/CD Drive, MS Windows XP Professional,  MS Windows 7 Professional or Higher,  Network interface, Virus protection.

When Required: Application Server – Xeon/Pentium processor, 3.2 GHz Turbo or better, 8 Gigabit of Memory, 250 Gig  Hard Drive DVD/CD DRIVE,  MS Windows Server 2003/08 Standard Edition,  Remote Desktop Connection,  SQL Server 2005/08,  Virus protection, Raid and Redundant Power Supplies.

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Is FastTrak “mouse driven” or “keyboard driven”?

FastTrak is a Windows application that uses the mouse and the keyboard interchangeably. FastTrak has an option to allow access similar to a Keyboard driven software application.

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Can I use multiple part numbers for the same OEM part?

Yes, FastTrak provides the ability to have alias part numbers for one OEM part number.

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Is FastTrak internet based?

FastTrak is a Client Server (SQL Server) based system. Your database (data) is on your server computer at your location.

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Is FastTrak licensed by user or computer?

FastTrak is Licensed by Computer session, on a single computer each session counts as a license.

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Do you sell Lube Sticker Printers.

Yes we sell – TSC’ TTP-247 PRINTER, it has 203 DPI, DT/TT, 7IPS, 8MB DRAM, 4MB FLASH, with USB, SERIAL, or PARALLEL connections. We also sell the 2.5″ X 1.5″ clear static cling labels.

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