Conducting an Automotive Repair Management Self-Assessment

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An automotive repair business is usually operated by an owner who has the talent and drive to become a business owner. Running a small business and achieving the desired level of profitability is a very diverse subject with many facets. And people generally don’t have a tendency to go through a detailed assessment of their own effectiveness as a manager. This writing focuses on a concise look at three areas that can be employed to achieve a meaningful self-assessment on management practices:



  1. Managing Employees – The most common reason that employees leave their jobs is their manager. A very simple test for self-evaluation as a manager is to listen to yourself when you talk … Read More >>
  2. Service and Quality – One of the most important responsibilities of management is the delivery of quality service. Premium service is dependent on clearly defined business processes and procedures … Read More >>
  3. Managing Profitability – Then primary responsibility of management is to achieve profit goals. Sales must be generated to cover all operating costs and then supply the desired profit … Read More >>
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