3 Ways to Increase the Repeat Business Quote Capture Rate in Auto Repair

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MarginAn existing customer may ask for pricing on a service for different reasons. It may be that they want to determine if the service is affordable. Or it may be that they’re comparison shopping. In this scenario the loss of the quote may equate to a lost customer. When providing a quote for an existing customer an advantage is the existing relationship. People buy more based on their relationship with the sales person and their view of the company than the actual repair service. However if the person is asking for a quote then price is an important consideration. Care should be taken to be competitive without sacrificing quality

  1. Offer Options – Offering more than one alternative to a repair situation provides the opportunity for the customer to make choices. Presenting the alternatives in a good – better – best format can increase earned business.
  2. Follow Up – When a quote is provided to a customer they may make a decision at that point. However if they’re considering other options a follow up may be required. The follow up should be scheduled and acted on.
  3. Record and Analyze Losses – When a customer declines a quoted service the reason they decided against buying the service should be recorded. Analyzing reasons for business loss will indicate opportunities for improvement.
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