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Automotive Repair Shop Operation Process Integration

The integration of automotive repair operation processes can have a significant impact on quality service delivery. The service advisor and interaction with the customer along with the technician and parts management processes are the key to a seamless auto repair operations. Auto Repair Shop Software should automatically provide visibility of the point in the repair cycle for an in-process vehicle. Following are the main repair cycle processes and points on their integration:

  1. The Service Advisor Process – The service advisor engages in the direct dealings with the customer. From the time that the engagement takes place – the service advisor must ensure that the repair opportunity is managed to make the best use of the technician’s time… Read More >>
  2. The Technician Vehicle Repair Process – The integrated repair process should be tightly connected to the technician’s activities. Each stage of the repair process should be recognized as being ready to start, in progress or complete … Read More >>
  3. The Parts Management Process – Parts management is an integral part of the auto repair cycle. In order to be efficient in managing vehicles through the repair process – focus must be maintained on parts and each related status must be visible to shop personnel … Read More >>

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