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Automotive Repair Shop Parts Management Process

Parts management is an integral part of the auto repair cycle. In order to be efficient in managing vehicles through the repair process – focus must be maintained on parts and each related status must be visible to shop personnel. The Auto Repair Shop Software must automatically allow for visibility of the repair order status as it relates to parts. Following are points on parts and the repair order cycle:

  1. Pre-Purchase Parts – When a customer makes an appointment and the shop is reasonably confident that the vehicle will be brought in for service – the parts needed for services can be ordered in advance. This can significantly improve vehicle throughput and shop productivity. Visibility of the parts status should be available to all shop personnel.
  2. Parts for Inspection/Diagnosis – When a vehicle goes through the repair process – an inspection and possibly a diagnosis can be performed at the beginning of the process. The required tasks and parts identified should be reviewed with the customer and approved parts should be ordered as soon as possible. Delivery time should be considered if options are available as the impact on throughput can be affected. Visibility of approval and parts order/delivery status should be visible through the Auto Repair Shop software.
  3. Parts Receipts – As parts are received – they should be delivered to the bay where they are needed. The receipt should be posted in the system for visibility purposes.

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