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Initial Contact Automotive Repair Sales

When initial contact is made with the customer whether it’s for a quote, appointment or at the point of vehicle drop off – the opportunity to communicate the possible additional maintenance requirements should be taken advantage of. It’s better to present as complete a picture as possible up front because the customer may develop a negative impression if additional repairs are recommended after the initial contact. Communicating identified repairs and explaining that additional repairs might be recommended as a result of an inspection is a good practice. Following are areas that can be explored at the initial point of contact:

  1. Offer Previously Recommended Services – At the point of contact (quote, appointment or check-in) previously recommended services should be reviewed with the customer. The Auto Repair Shop Software being used should prompt the service advisor to do this. It’s best to use a consultative approach and provide the customer with the information needed to make an informed decision.
  2. Recommend Service Intervals Based on Manufacturer Schedule – The vehicle manufacturer usually will have a high degree of credibility with the vehicle owner. Most owners want to take good care of their vehicles. If the service advisor appears to be interested in what’s best for them – not only will the right actions be taken to ensure that their vehicle is properly maintained – but solid lasting relationships can be built.
  3. Explain the Inspection Process – It’s always better to make it clear that there may be additional repairs required so the customer is not shocked when they find out about them. If the benefits of an inspection are made clear – the customer will be more receptive to recommended services that result from it.

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