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Automotive Repair Shop Sales

From the point of initial contact through the repair cycle communication is the most important factor in successful automotive repair sales. Making sure that a complete understanding of the customer needs and offering any additional identified repairs is critical to success but even more so the relationship with the customer determines success of failure. Following are key points on automotive repair sales:

  1. Initial Contact Automotive Repair Sales – When initial contact is made with the customer whether it’s for a quote, appointment or at the point of vehicle drop off – the opportunity to communicate the possible additional maintenance requirements should be taken advantage of … Read More >>
  2. Sales and Presentation – A big part of automotive repair sales depends on presentation. If the customer doesn’t trust or doesn’t understand the repair recommendations being presented. – they’re not likely to authorize the work … Read More >>
  3. Customer Communications – Communicating with the customer is paramount to success in providing automotive repair services. Throughout the automotive repair cycle – the interaction with the customer defines the customer experience and thus the quality of service … Read More >>

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