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Automotive Repair Sales and Presentation

A big part of automotive repair sales depends on presentation. If the customer doesn’t trust or doesn’t understand the repair recommendations being presented. – they’re not likely to authorize the work. It’s important to use everything available to explain recommended repairs to the vehicle owner. Following are points on repair presentations that will assist in building confidence with the customer:

  1. Prioritize Repairs – When multiple needed repairs are identified – it helps to prioritize them so the customer can make a decision if financial circumstances prohibit having all of them done right away. Then some of the repairs can be deferred unto; a later date.
  2. Visually Present Repairs – Showing the customer a picture of a worn or damaged part will go a long way toward building trust. A picture with an explanation will educate the customer about their vehicle. It’s an excellent opportunity for relationship building.
  3. Use Official Documents to Present Repairs – It’s always beneficial to reference official documents when explaining the need for repairs. The owner’s manual, factory repair guide and other reference sources lend credibility when presenting needed repairs to the customer.
  4. Explain the Benefits of Each Repair – It’s advantageous to explain the benefits of each repair being recommended. Safety, drivability and ride quality are examples of benefits. They should be simple and easy for the customer to understand.
  5. Present with a Positive Message – Recommending services while stressing benefits and positive results for the vehicle owner can leave the customer with a good perception of the experience. This will go a long way in relationship building.

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