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Automotive Repair Customer Communications

Communicating with the customer is paramount to success in providing automotive repair services. Throughout the automotive repair cycle – the interaction with the customer defines the customer experience and thus the quality of service. Of course, other factors dictate the quality of service such as price, repair accuracy and shop environment – but first and foremost the customer is influenced by the relationship with the service advisor. Following are points on customer communication in auto repair:

  1. Provide Undivided Attention – Nothing will turn a customer off and damage a relationship faster than a service advisor giving them less than 100 percent of their attention. A common example of this is inspecting the vehicle for damage marks while talking to the customer. A better way is to tell the customer that you have to perform the check – walk around the vehicle and take pictures if needed – and discuss any damages found with the customer. Then talk to the customer about why they brought their vehicle in for service.
  2. Interview the Customer – When determining what the customer needs are it helps to treat the interaction like an interview. This way the customer is getting attention and the service advisor is gaining an understanding of the customer and the vehicle. The customer wants to feel that their point of view is understood.
  3. Relate Personally – During the course of interacting with the customer it’s best not to focus completely on the vehicle. Spend some time on relationship building with the customer. Personal relationships are the foundation of automotive
  4. Stay in Communication with the Customer – After the initial sale or subsequent sales of additional identified services – be sure to keep the customer informed. As the repairs progress – stay in touch with the customer. Communication is the key to relationship sales.

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