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Automotive Repair Shop Marketing

Effective marketing is a critical factor automotive repair shop management. It’s important to focus on the basics and start with a firm foundation. The shop website should be at the center of marketing efforts. Other marketing venues such as email campaigns, social media and customer reviews are integrated in some wag with the website. Following are points on automotive repair shop marketing:

  1. Website – The foundation of automotive repair shop marketing is the shop website. The website should be thought of as a store front in that it’s the source of potential customers’ first impression … Read More >>
  2. Email Marketing Campaigns – Email campaigns are an integral part of automotive repair shop marketing. Sending messages to prospective customers can increase customer acquisition rates … Read More >>
  3. Social Media – This writing focuses on social media posts and does not address social media advertising which is a whole topic in itself. The key point of social media postings is to keep them ‘social’ … Read More >>
  4. Customer Reviews – Customer reviews are an extremely important factor in automotive repair business success. They should be considered an integral part of any serious marketing effort in automotive repair … Read More >>

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