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Automotive Repair Shop Email Marketing Campaigns

Email campaigns are an integral part of automotive repair shop marketing. Sending messages to prospective customers can increase customer acquisition rates. Marketing by email to existing customers can increase frequency of customer visits thus accelerating sales growth. And inbound marketing can build relationships and result in business growth. Following are points to consider on email marketing campaigns for automotive repair shops:

  1. Email Campaigns for Prospective Customers – Sending messages to prospective customers can be a very effective way to increase customer acquisition rates. Email addresses can be obtained by including an Opt-In function on the shop website. They can also be obtained from people who ask for quotes but don’t become customers.
  2. Email Campaigns for Existing Customers – Customer retention is the goal of marketing to existing customers. The messaging should focus on preventive maintenance services and recommendations. The goal is to increase the frequency of visits to the shop.
  3. Special Offers – Both prospective and existing customers should be marketed to for any special offers. People are interested in offers that have benefit to them.
  4. Inbound Marketing – The examples above are classified as outbound marketing (advertising). Inbound marketing refers to offering something of value to encourage people to visit your website. This can be content on the website or the blog. Inbound marketing can result in more visits to the shop and the visits to the website can boost search engine rankings

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