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Automotive Repair Marketing Specials

Offering specials in automotive repair can be an effective way to increase sales or market share. There are a number of ways that specials can be offered but the common theme is that they encourage customers to purchase services. Specials can be thought of as an offer of an incentive to buy. Following are examples of special offers in automotive repair:

  1. Offering Loss Leaders – A loss leader pricing strategy is one in which a service is sold at a price below cost in order to attract customers who will buy more profitable services … Read More >>
  2. BOGO Marketing – BOGO stands for ‘Buy One Get One [Free]’. This marketing strategy can be very effective as customers love to get things for free … Read More >>
  3. Offering Loyalty Rewards – Loyalty rewards is a marketing strategy in which customers earn credits based on purchases that can be used toward future purchases … Read More >>

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