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BOGO Marketing Strategies for Automotive Repair

BOGO stands for ‘Buy One Get One [Free]’. This marketing strategy can be very effective as customers love to get things for free. This strategy can be employed for a number of reasons such as increasing sales, expanding market share or selling off inventory. Whatever the objective may be BOGO offers can be very effective. Following are examples of BOGO marketing offers for automotive repair:

  1. Buy 3 Lube Oil and Filter Services and the Fourth is Free – This type of offer can be effective as it has an element of customer loyalty incentive built into it. Also, over a number of visits other services are likely to be needed offering the opportunity for more sales. If the customer brings the vehicle in for these services at regular intervals this can be a very effective strategy.
  2. Buy Four Tires for the Price of Three – This is a widely used special offer when selling tires. Care must be taken to ensure that the profit made on the three tires is greater than the cost of the free tire. This type of special lends itself best to tires that are in inventory.
  3. Buy a Set of Tires Get a Free Alignment – This strategy can be very effective as alignments are often coupled with tires. An important factor in this strategy is communicating the benefits of the alignment along with the monetary value. This way the customer will understand what they’re getting for free.

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