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Marketing Support in Auto Repair Shop Software

Auto repair shop software should contain support for basic marketing functions. In repair shop software the primary focus of marketing is on customer retention. Reminding customers to bring their vehicles in for service can significantly boost sales. Following are features that should be part of automotive repair shop software:

  1. Basic Marketing Options – Auto repair shop software should support basic marketing functions geared toward customer retention. Email reminders for previously made recommendations as well as preventive maintenance reminders should be available. Effective customer retention marketing will result in more visits by customers.
  2. Texting – The ability to send text messages to customers should be included in auto repair shop software. When sending reminders for recommended services some customers prefer to receive them by text message. The repair shop software should provide this functionality.
  3. Customer Loyalty Rewards – The ability to award and keep track of customer loyalty rewards can be a beneficial part of auto repair shop management software. Customers can use loyalty rewards to apply as payment for services. If pricing for repairs is competitive then customers will view loyalty rewards as additional savings.

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