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Sales Support in Auto Repair Shop Software

Auto repair shop software should include features that facilitate the sales process. Performing pricing calculations are the foundation of system sales support. Flexibility in pricing can allow for targeted sales while ensuring that desired profit margins are realized. Presenting the customer with alternatives and assisting them with the decision process is an effective sales technique. Following are components that Auto repair shop software should include for sales support:

  1. Pricing Flexibility – Auto repair shop software pricing is about realizing desired profit margins. Some shops think in terms or profit margins while others prefer to think in terms of mark up percentage. Shop management software should have the flexibility to accommodate either method. Further, the markup or margin should be able to be applied to either cost or manufacturer list price to derive the selling price. Pricing should be able to be based on cost level so that a higher sale will result in a lower margin. Pricing should be able to be calculated differently for different vendors, part classifications, part brands and customers.
  2. Quoting – People love to shop but hate to be sold to. Offering the customer an opportunity to shop and assisting in the decision process is an effective sales technique. Offering options in a good-better-best format is a good way to do this. Tire shop software should provide the ability to designate good-better-best rankings for different tire models. Auto repair shop software should allow for grouping of repairs by 1) What the customer came in for; 2) Repairs identified through diagnosis and inspection; 3) Preventive maintenance work. Presenting alternatives in a good-better-best format simplifies the decision for the customer.
  3. Upselling – Auto repair shop software support for upselling can go a long way toward meeting sales goals. One area where this applies is tires. Nitrogen is an example of an upsell item related to tires. For mechanical repairs there are many instances where a customer requests a repair and another related repair can be offered.

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