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Auto Repair Shop Scheduling Software and Operational Support

Auto repair shop scheduling software is an important software feature. It can assist the shop in loading work to capacity without overbooking. It can also assist in avoiding resource conflicts and maximizing resource utilization. Following are areas in which scheduling software can improve shop performance:

  1. Capacity Management – Auto repair shop scheduling software at the simplest level should include the ability to schedule work in accordance with the capacity of the shop. An easy way to do this is to set a value for cars per day. To further refine this – hours per day can be specified as well. When scheduling – the repair shop software should provide visibility of the work loaded into the shop as well as display a warning if capacity may be exceeded.
  2. Work Scheduling – Auto repair shop scheduling software should contain the ability to refine and level the shop workload. The ability to avoid fluctuations and bottlenecks in the flow of work through the shop is critical to achieving efficiency and providing optimal customer service. Scheduling should not result in resource conflicts for personnel, bays or equipment.
  3. Shop Proficiency – Auto repair shop scheduling software should ensure that the best is made of technician time. Time spent by technicians between jobs can be viewed as lost productivity. The objective of scheduling is to make sure that everything is available for the technician so that work can continue uninterrupted.

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