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Essential Components of Tire Shop Management Software

Tire Shop Management Software includes some components that are essential to tire sales. Whether the shop is a mechanical repair shop that offers tires or a shop whose main business is tires there are certain features that are essential to success in tire sales. The shop is responsible for installing the correct tires on the car as well as ensuring that the person who bought the tires can be identified in the event of a recall. Following are features that are essential to success in tire sales:

  1. Tire Catalog – An essential component of tire shop management software is the tire catalog. The catalog will contain the tire requirements for vehicles including size, speed rating and load index. This information is necessary to ensure that the correct tires are used on the vehicle.
  2. Tire SKUs – Tire shop software should include the information on tires including size, speed rating, load index, tread, traction and temperature rating as well as sidewall type and Run Flat Tires (RFT). This will allow the correct tire to be matched to the vehicle.
  3. DOT Serial Number Reporting – Tire shop management software should allow for department of transportation serial numbers to be reported. DOT serial numbers can pose a significant liability for a shop in the event of a recall. If a manufacturer defect is identified – each person that purchased affected tires must be able to be contacted. By law the shop is responsible for this.

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