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Management Tools in Auto Repair Shop Management Software

Auto repair shop management software should contain some basic reports to assist in making management decisions on where resources need to be directed. Three areas this can be applied to are sales, marketing and performance. Following are examples of what reporting should be included:

  1. Sales Analysis Reports – Auto repair shop management software should provide a picture of success with recommended services. Sold vs. declined recommendations will provide a view of sales effectiveness in this area.
  2. Marketing Analysis Reports – One of the most basic reporting features an Auto repair shop management software system should include is customer retention analysis. Knowing how much of a shops business comes from repeat vs new customers can indicate where marketing dollars should be allocated. Also, referral analysis can depict what marketing sources are the most effective.
  3. Key Performance Indicator Reports – Auto repair shop management software should include reporting for basic key performance indicators. Basic KPI reporting such as quote capture rate, recommendation capture rate, customer attrition and retention rates, warranty labor percentage, and preventive maintenance vs. repair work should be included among others. Also, a benchmark comparison should be provided to indicate how the shop is performing in comparison to other shops.

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