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Auto Repair Shop Software System Architecture

Auto Repair Shop Software can employ different architectures and a business owner must determine the best alternative. The major factors to consider are functionality, cost and ease of use. The primary consideration should be functionality meaning that what the system does should take precedence over how it does it. Between systems with similar capabilities different architectures can offer different benefits. Following are some basic considerations concerning system architecture:

  1. Local System vs Cloud Based – Online auto repair shop software systems are becoming more and more prevalent. There are a number of differences between cloud-based systems and those that run locally. A locally run system will probably perform faster than a cloud-based system depending on the speed of the Internet connection. A system that runs on the web may require less hardware thus costing less. Performance and cost can vary under both circumstances and the system in its totality should be evaluated to decide on the best solution.
  2. Browser vs App – Most web based auto repair shop software runs on a website using a browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. FastTrak Auto Shop Manager is an app that runs on a computer or device accessing data stored in the cloud. There are many differences between an app and a website with the most significant being that the app is built for the device it’s running on and may take better advantage of its capabilities whereas the browser based system will be the same for all devices.
  3. Printing Capabilities – Most repair shop software is built to run as paperless as possible, however there are circumstances where printing is necessary. Some auto repair shop customers want their estimates  and invoices to be printed and in the interest of customer service the shop will need to comply. Another example is the lube sticker. A browser-based system will usually require more steps to print than an app-based system.
  4. Attached Devices – Auto repair customers will pay for repairs to a large extent by credit card. An app-based software program can support attached credit card machines easily while a browser-based system will not.

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