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Operational Considerations for a New Automotive Repair Business

Planning and defining repair operations can have a significant impact on success. A well-defined repair process will not only reduce operating costs but will have a positive effect on customer service. Every shop has different characteristics in terms of personnel, physical layout and location. Defining a process that best fits the circumstances will go a long way toward supporting a successful startup. Following are operational considerations for a new automotive repair business:

  1. Repair Cycle Outline – Defining the repair cycle is an important part of setting up an automotive repair shop. A well-defined repair process can make work more efficient which in turn will improve profitability and customer service. Taking actions at optimal times are the result of an effective repair process.
  2. Prioritization of Steps – The more advance preparation that can be performed the faster the repair process can proceed. Purchasing parts in advance for known repair requirements can significantly expedite the process. Performing diagnosis and repair steps at the beginning of the cycle will allow for time needed to develop estimates and obtain customer approval while initial repairs are performed.
  3. Physical Considerations – Proximity of tools and parts as well as other people are important in planning the repair cycle. The layout of the shop is a major factor in terms of expediency and productivity. As much as possible the physical layout of the shop floor should support the repair cycle as defined.

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