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Defining the Sales Process for a New Automotive Repair Business

Defining processes before opening the doors to the public can be the difference between success and failure. The sales process is no exception. It’s not a good idea to be figuring things out on the fly in front of the customer. Of course, flexibility will be required as customers can be different. Following are points to consider on the sales process for a new automotive repair business:

  1. Outline the Procedures –When processes are defined in advance – execution will be much smoother when put into practice. Most important is customer perception. Customers are more comfortable when they are informed – more uncomfortable when uninformed.
  2. Define Points of Communication – Sales can occur at different points. It can start with a quote, there can be an initial sale when the customer arrives at the shop, there can be additional sales that occur as needed repairs are recognized and future repairs can be sold at the point of vehicle delivery. Each of these can require a different process.
  3. Define the Presentation Methods – Presentation definition is the refinement of the process of selling. People love to shop but hate to be sold to. Offering a customer options in a good-better-best format is a proven sales technique. Offering different alternatives allows the customer to drive the decision process. Acting in a kind of consultative role can be very effective in establishing and building lasting relationships.

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