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Three Low or Zero Cost Options for Automotive Repair Marketing

An ongoing challenge in automotive repair management is that of attracting new business with a limited budget. In today’s Internet based marketplace there are several low or zero cost options that can be used. They require some time for setup and maintenance but zero or low out of pocket cost. Following is simple but effective marketing options for automotive repair:

  1. Google Business Profile – A significant challenge for a small business in today’s Internet based marketplace is to be visible to prospective customers. A Google Business Profile (formerly known as ‘Google My Business’) can be a major factor in realizing success in that effort … Read More >>
  2. Email Marketing Campaigns – Sending marketing messages to existing and potential customers via email can be an effective method of attracting business in automotive repair. Email marketing can be an effective method of marketing to existing customers as well as prospective customers … Read More >>
  3. Social Media Marketing – The most beneficial use of social media in auto repair shop marketing is in sharing of information of value with followers. The majority of postings to social media should be information that will be helpful to vehicle owners … Read More >>

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