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Benefits of a Google Business Profile for Auto Repair Shops

A significant challenge for a small business in today’s Internet based marketplace is to be visible to prospective customers. A Google Business Profile (formerly known as ‘Google My Business’) can be a major factor in realizing success in that effort. The information most people are interested in when looking for an auto repair shop can be found very easily in a well-built profile page. Following are benefits that can be recognized by setting up a Google Business Profile:

  1. Getting Found by Google Search – The most significant factor in attracting new customers is being found by people looking for an automotive repair shop. The Google Business Profile is built for that purpose. The profile and its components can make a big difference in bringing in new customers.
  2. Your Business Info is Available On-Line – Your profile contains information that people will be interested in when searching for auto repair service. They can access your website, get directions, access your social media pages and see your hours of operation.
  3. Reviews can be Posted – Most people count on reviews when deciding whether or not to use a company’s services. Your customers can post reviews right on your Google Business Profile page and an overall rating will be displayed. Reviews are one of the most important factors in attracting new business.
  4. Images and Videos can Enhance your Profile – You can add pictures and videos to enhance your business profile page. Your shop logo is part of the content and you can also add images to depict the services you provide or pictures of team members.
  5. Keywords can be Added to Boost Search Rankings – This is a significant factor in getting found in searches. Google will display your business in the search list based on a number of factors and one of them is the keywords listed in your profile and how closely they match what the person is searching for.

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