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Using Email Marketing Campaigns in Automotive Repair

Sending marketing messages to existing and potential customers via email can be an effective method of attracting business in automotive repair. Email marketing can be an effective method of marketing to existing customers as well as prospective customers. Emails for reminders, promotional offerings and value messages can be employed. Following are ways that email marketing can be used in automotive repair:

  1. Reminders for Existing Customers – Reminders for customers that automotive repair preventive maintenance services are due is an effective way to market to customers who have visited the shop. Also, reminders for customers who have had recommended repairs during a visit can prompt a return visit. And a simple email confirmation of an existing appointment can increase sales to existing customers.
  2. Marketing to Prospective Customers – Building a contact list of prospective customers from a local market is not the simplest endeavor to tackle. However, there is one simple way to get results. This can be done through requested quotes. When someone contacts the shop for a quote on a service – ask for their email address and send them the quote by email. This can be an effective way to ensure that the request is legitimate but can also be used to build a contact list for marketing.
  3. Promotional Email Marketing – Marketing for auto repair special offers may need to be directed at existing customers separate from prospective customers. Regardless of the target audience, the communication should be treated as an advertisement. All the components of an ad should be taken into consideration including visuals, messaging and a call to action.
  4. Inbound Marketing – This term refers to providing value and building relationships over time. Email messages crafted to provide vehicle owners with useful information fall into this category. How to prepare a car for winter or how to ensure that a vehicle is ready for a vacation are examples of this.

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