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Social Media Marketing for Automotive Repair Shops

The most beneficial use of social media in auto repair shop marketing is in sharing of information of value with followers. The majority of postings to social media should be information that will be helpful to vehicle owners. Advertising messages should be used sparingly if at all. Also, in any of the social marketing platforms it’s important to keep postings current. If the first thing a person experiences is an obviously outdated posting it can do more harm than good. And it’s beneficial to include a link to the auto repair shop website to build up backlinks. This will boost search engine rankings. Following are examples of social media platforms and their potential use:

  1. Facebook -This platform is designed to allow people to post items that others are interested in. Thus, it lends itself very well to use for inbound marketing for automotive repair. Posting items of interest for vehicle owners such as tips on vehicle maintenance will provide value and maintain interest in the Facebook page. Users can also share links to postings with people they’re connected to thus expanding your reach.
  2. You Tube – This venue is comprised of video content. In keeping with the concept of providing value this could be used to provide information of value to vehicle owners. For examples of this, do a google search on ‘vehicle maintenance youtube’. You’ll see quite an extensive list. Posting YouTube videos like this will be valuable to followers and will build relationships.
  3. Instagram – This platform is a picture sharing tool. Posting images that communicate vehicle maintenance information would be valuable to vehicle owners. Any type of picture that explains how to recognize the need for automotive repair will be useful to vehicle owners and effective at building relationships.

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