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The Best Ways to Utilize Tire Shop Inventory Software

Tire shop inventory software can be utilized to benefit shop owners in a number of ways. Planning for stocking requirements, quicker customer service, inventory visibility during the quoting process and management control are some of the ways it can be utilized to improve operations. By focusing on making the best possible use of its system – a shop can grow its customer base and increase profitability.

The following are areas in which tire shop management software can best be utilized:

  • Planning for Stocking Requirements – High-quality software can be used to plan which tires to carry. A program that provides visibility of sales by brand, model and tire size can indicate which tires customers are buying most frequently thus allowing the shop to stock the best-selling tires. Carrying the correct inventory is critical to success.
  • Expedited Customer Service – Selling from on-hand inventory is the easiest way to get vehicles through the shop as fast as possible. By providing accurate inventory information – management software helps to get customers taken care of more quickly resulting in improved customer service.
  • Visibility During the Quoting Process – Tire shop inventory software can provide visibility of on-hand balances during the quoting process allowing the salesperson to offer the tires that are in stock. Software that directly supports the stocking and sale of inventory assists the shop both financially and in customer relationship building.
  • Management Control – Every retail operation that carries inventory has to be concerned about shrinkage. Tire shop software can ensure accuracy in inventory transactions and improve the ability to track and identify problems. When selling tires from stock – accuracy is of the utmost importance as customer service can suffer due to sales based on incorrect information.

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