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What a Proper Tire Shop Management System Can do for Your Shop

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Tire shop management requires organized information access and the ability to be responsive to customer requests. A top-tier software system can go a long way to support that effort. Quoting the correct tires per the vehicle requirements, access to on-hand and distributor inventory, flexible pricing and presentation capabilities and the ability to limit business liabilities are essential to successful management. A well-designed tire shop software system can help achieve that success.

The following are ways that a good software system can ensure effective tire shop management:

  • Vehicle Tire Requirements – A robust tire shop management system will include the correct tire requirements for any passenger car or light truck. The correct size, speed rating and load index are accessible once the vehicle application has been identified providing assurance that the correct tires will be sold to the customer.
  • Tire SKUs for Major Manufacturers – Complete tire shop management systems contain all the information necessary for tire SKUs offered by major tire manufacturers so that the correct tires can be matched to customer vehicles. The size, speed rating and load index as well as tread wear, traction and temperature rating are included for each tire and are readily available at the point of sale.
  • Accurate Tire Inventory – An effective tire shop management system will include accurate records of tire inventory balances and will track receipts to stock as well as issues to repair orders when sold. Visibility of on-hand inventory will facilitate quick tire sales.
  • Access to Distributor Inventory – Tire shop software provides visibility of available distributor inventory and cost and pricing as part of the quoting process. This allows accurate quoting and sales of special-order tires.
  • Flexible Pricing – A sound tire shop management system will provide flexible pricing methods allowing different markup percentages based on tire cost and/or brand as well as the customer. Flexible pricing supports the ability to provide more personalized service.
  • Presentation Capabilities – Powerful tire shop management systems include the ability to present information to the customer in a way that makes it easy for them to make a decision on purchasing tires. Being able to give the customer good-better-best options will help provide excellent customer service and improve profitability.
  • Limitation of Liabilities – Tire shop management requires limitation of liabilities. Automated reporting of DOT serial numbers as well as ensuring that the proper tires are used on each vehicle are ways that software can support this effort.

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