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The Changing Automotive Repair Business Environment

The only constant in life is change (Heraclitus – Greek Philosopher). And change in our world continues to accelerate. In addition to the evolution of the business environment in which we operate there are sometimes significant unforeseen events that impact the way we operate. In order to succeed we must continue to adapt and adjust to the circumstances. Below are factors that impact the automotive repair environment:

  1. Changes in Consumer Vehicle Usage – Many significant changes in the environment in which we live have brought about changes in consumer vehicle usage and thus the automotive repair business. The pandemic, changes in retail shopping, inflation and recessionary trends and increased reliance on delivery are resulting changes in vehicle usage … Read More >>
  2. Changing System Architecture – Changing system architecture and advances in technology have brought about increased capabilities for auto repair shops and with them come more challenges … Read More >>
  3. Electric Vehicles – Albeit minimal at the time of this writing – the impact of electric vehicles on the automotive repair industry is a factor to be considered. The use of electric vehicles will continue to grow … Read More >>

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