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Changing System Architecture and the Impact on Automotive Repair

Changing system architecture and advances in technology have brought about increased capabilities for auto repair shops and with them come more challenges. Distributed systems, the increased use of portable devices and enhanced communication abilities have resulted in many challenges for the auto repair shop owner. Following are areas in which this has occurred:

  1. Distributed Systems – The current environment has brought about an increase in people wanting to access systems from where ever they are. Thus, the proliferation of cloud-based systems is increasing. This results in more challenges for businesses in terms of security and control. Employees being able to access shop software systems from multiple locations can present benefits as well as challenges. Auto Repair Shop owners must be cognizant of these issues and handle them through policies and/or software and physical controls.
  2. Portable Devices – The majority of system work is still done on computers however the use of portable devices (tablets and phones) has increased and will continue to do so. These devices can result in improved efficiency and accuracy. Since they are used – for the most part – in addition to computers the result is an increase in operating costs. And just like computers they need to be upgraded and replaced on an ongoing basis.
  3. Communication Capabilities – The advances in technology we’ve seen have resulted in increased use of texting, pictures, video and audio recordings in communications with customers. The vehicle owner has more and more demands on his/her time and has become dependent on technology to be more efficient in the way they communicate. These are abilities that auto repair shops need to incorporate into their processes in order to remain competitive.

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