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How Tire Shop Management Software Can Solve Your Inventory Problems

tire shop management software

Tire shop management software will ensure accurate, cost-effective and timely inventory management policies and procedures. Buying tires in bulk and selling from stock can result in wider profit margins and improved customer service. However, special order handling may be necessary when there is a need.

Comprehensive tire inventory software can go a long way toward eliminating problems in tire inventory management. The following are areas in which software can support success:

  • Tire Shop Management Software Sales by Size Analysis – A tire auto shop software system should include a Sales by Tire Size report. This will support knowing which tire sizes are selling the most with the customer base. Stocking the tires that sell the best will ensure that inventory moves.
  • Stock Inventory Orders – Tire inventory software will include the ability to order tires directly from suppliers. This function will create a purchase order and support invoice creation and receipt of the tires into inventory on delivery. Minimum balances can be set so the system alerts when ordering is needed.
  • Inventory Issues from Stock – Tire shop management software will include the ability to issue tires to repair orders as required. Inventory transactions created as part of the process will support tracking and inventory count audits.
  • Tire Auto Shop Software Special Order Processing – Processing purchases and sales for tires that are not in stock is a function included in tire inventory software. Traceability and accountability are supported by the process in the same manner that stock inventory purchase and sales are.
  • Return Processing – Tire auto shop software will support returns to tire vendors. The full return process from staging through physical return to credit or refund will be supported and trackable thus ensuring that the cycle is complete.
  • Tire Inventory Software Cycle Counting – Periodic counts of tires by rack or stocking location can ensure inventory record accuracy. Discrepancies can be resolved and corrective action taken to improve processes and policies.

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