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How FastTrak Auto Shop Repair Order Software Increases Shop Efficiency

FastTrak Auto Shop Repair Order Software supports business efforts by improving efficiency in all phases of auto repair operations. Comprehensive support for the many possible phases in the repair cycle are geared toward improving throughput by streamlining processes and eliminating redundancy and unnecessary steps.

Following are some of the ways that FastTrak improves operational efficiency:

  1. Appointment Scheduling – FastTrak Auto Shop Repair Order Software has a comprehensive appointment scheduling feature that allows monitoring of resource commitment levels in terms of both labor hours and car count. Loading to the optimal capacity level goes a long way to support operational efficiency. Parts for appointments can be purchased in advance to allow work to begin when the vehicle arrives significantly improving throughput.
  2. Parts Sourcing and Procurement – FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Manager Software includes integrated parts sourcing and ordering. This allows for finding the right part in terms of cost and delivery and the FastTrak flexible pricing matrix feature will calculate the optimal price ensuring that the correct level of profitability is achieved.
  3. Prioritization and Automation – The FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software Program provides prioritization of work for technicians so they know what repair orders to work on to achieve maximum throughput. Visibility of resource requirements for repair orders supports prioritization decisions.
  4. FastTrak Auto Shop Repair Order Software Repair Cycle Management – The system was built from the ground up to support the full repair order cycle. Integrated processing of diagnoses, inspections, customer approvals, parts procurement, labor reporting and all other steps in the repair order cycle are tracked automatically as the vehicle moves through the repair process and are easily visible. This improves efficiency by allowing all personnel to recognize what needs to happen next on each repair order.
  5. Reduction of Redundancy – The FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software Program is built to allow all information to be processed by the person who first produces it thus eliminating the need for unnecessary processing steps and information lag time.
  6. FastTrak Auto Shop Repair Order Software Paperless Operation – Support for paperless processing has been a cornerstone of FastTrak since its inception. Running paperless improves efficiency by eliminating steps involved in the printing and handling of paper as well as the cost incurred.
  7. Key Performance Indicators – FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Manager Software includes comprehensive reporting on key performance indicators that allow measurement of efficiency in operations. Along with the key performance measurements – included are industry averages thus allowing determination of where the shop stands in comparison to others.

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