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The Benefits of Using FastTrak Tire Shop Management Software

FastTrak Tire Shop Management Software is the best tire shop software for most businesses as it’s easy to use, offers a feature-rich solution, includes extensive integration capabilities and is competitively priced.

FastTrak provides many benefits to tire shop operations as optimal customer service is supported and operational efficiencies are realized. Following are some of the many benefits delivered by FastTrak:

  1. Integrated Tire Fitment Catalog – FastTrak Tire Shop Management Software includes the Tire Guides fitment catalog that will provide the correct tire requirements for passenger cars and light trucks. The catalog is updated to reflect new vehicles as they are introduced.
  2. Automated Tire SKU Import – FastTrak allows you to specify which tire brands you will offer and automatically imports current tires to your database from the Tire Guides SKU catalog.  All tire definition information is included such as size, speed rating, load index, tread, traction and temperature rating as well as sidewall type and Run Flat Tires (RFT).  
  3. Flexible Tire Pricing – FastTrak provides different options to price tires in order to realize optimal pricing and profit margins. Pricing is done with tiered matrices allowing profit margins to be specified based on cost levels. Pricing by brand allows matrices to be specified for different brands facilitating the best possible profit margins. Mount and balance jobs can be specified by tire size to allow different pricing for bigger tires.
  4. Quick-Easy Quoting – FastTrak allows you to produce accurate quotes within a few seconds. The tire catalog in conjunction with the tire SKUs will ensure that the tires quoted meet the requirements of the vehicle being serviced. Staggered fitments can be quoted simply and easily. Quotes include all applicable taxes and fees and optionally can include road hazard warranty charges. Good, better, best rankings can be specified for different models, and quotes can be presented to customers in this format allowing them to easily make the best choice.
  5. Tire PSI and Torque Visibility – FastTrak allows the technician to view the correct PSI and Torque requirements for the vehicle being serviced. The information can be accessed on a portable device for ease of use. If printed work orders are used the PSI and Torque requirements will print on the document.
  6. Tire Distributor Interfaces – The FastTrak Tire Shop Software distributor interface feature allows you to easily search your tire distributor’s inventory to quickly find the best tires for your customer. Access to distributor inventory availability, cost and pricing support quick and easy tire quoting. Tires can be ordered electronically for both repair orders and stocking purposes.
  7. Tire DOT Serial Number Reporting – FastTrak Tire Shop Management Software allows for DOT serial number input on a portable device and the numbers can be reported automatically to CIMS to satisfy DOT requirements. This eliminates the need to manually report the serial numbers and covers any potential liability resulting from a recall.
  8. Tire Inventory Management – FastTrak allows management of on-hand tire inventory. Tires can be issued from stock to orders as required and can be counted optionally using barcodes and scanners with a portable device.
  9. Tire Shop Management Software Integration – FastTrak Tire Auto Shop Software includes all the features in the FastTrak Auto Repair Shop Software which enables a shop to offer tire services as well as mechanical maintenance and repair thus providing one-stop service.

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