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Actions and Reactions in Automotive Repair Operations

OperationsActionsIn automotive repair operations – actions taken will result in reactions occurring. Like all people – employees will respond to incentives and avoid consequences. And actions taken to improve processes will result in greater throughput and higher business volume. Being cognizant of likely reactions resulting from different actions will ensure success in business. Following are points on actions and reactions in automotive repair operations:

  1. Negative Feedback Results in Reduced Productivity – Employees respond to feedback differently however the reaction to negative feedback is pretty consistent. When people experience negative feedback – they become very concerned with avoiding the experience and will usually do only what’s absolutely required. Positive feedback can have the opposite effect. Positive feedback can motivate employees to produce more.
  2. Incentives Bring Increased Business – Employees will produce more when there is a direct benefit to them. Monetary incentives will stimulate greater business volume. Conversely when employees see no benefit to putting forth extra effort they will not do so. It also must be considered that increased business volume can result in reduced quality if care is not taken. When employees are offered incentives for increased production – quality levels must be included in the productivity measurements.
  3. Streamlining Processes Will Result in Increased Throughput – When attention is focused on business processes with the goal of improving them – greater business throughput can be achieved. On the other hand – if no attention is given to improving processes – opportunities may be lost.
  4. Planning Improves Performance – The more time spent on planning the more efficiently execution will occur. Conversely if little or no time is spent planning or preparing – execution will be less efficient. In automotive repair one of the most prominent examples of this is working by appointment versus working primarily through walk-in business. When working by appointment – if the required work is identified before the vehicle arrives – parts and shop resources can be ready when the vehicle arrives allowing for repair and delivery to be accomplished more quickly.

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