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Marketing Based Actions and Reactions in Automotive Repair

Marketing actions taken – if effective – will elicit a corresponding reaction in an automotive repair business. Conversely inaction will result in no responsive results. Marketing efforts should always be considered as directed at retaining existing customers or attracting new business thus effectiveness can be evaluated. In the end the truth remains that action results in reaction while inaction will produce no reaction. Following are points on marketing actions and reactions in auto repair:

  1. Greater Marketing Focus Results in More Business – When effective marketing investment is increased business volume will also increase. Conversely when effective marketing investment is decreased business volume will decrease. If an automotive repair shop is running at under full capacity more investment in marketing will increase business volume.
  2. Customer Retention Marketing Brings Existing Customers Back – Most automotive repair shops communicate with existing customers to remind them when preventive maintenance services are due. This will result in existing customers returning for service at greater frequencies. On the other hand – if no reminders are sent out to customers there will be greater time periods between services.
  3. Advertising Increases Customer Acquisition – Advertising campaigns are primarily directed at attracting new business. In today’s Internet business environment – it’s important to make the most of digital marketing venues. If investment is made into effective advertising campaigns then customer acquisition opportunities will increase. If investment in this area is reduced then customer acquisition rates will decrease.
  4. Positive Reviews Will Attract New Customers – In today’s Internet environment the impact of customer reviews cannot be overstated. Statistics indicate that more than eighty percent of consumers read reviews when selecting a service provider. Providing incentives and making it easy for customers to post reviews will have a positive impact on business growth. Conversely a lack of positive reviews will adversely affect business growth.

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